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Suri's Holiday Haul!: Reports are surfacing that Suri Cruise will have quite the Christmas morning. Katie Holmes is reportedly (according to Britain's The Daily Mail) getting her daughter a lavish playhouse that includes options for recessed lighting, play lofts, sunrooms, media rooms, eat-in kitchens, dining rooms, intercoms, garages to store toys, picket fences, arbors, extensive landscaping. The Sun is also reporting that Katie is getting her daughter a mini iPad and a kiddie version of a Mercedes. Clearly, Suri is not on Santa's naughty list.
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@matineeidle hahahahahha you really made my day ^^
hahaha.. nobody said life is fair fellas!
hahahaha.. well lets see.. I got tamagotchi or somethin?
life is never ever fair~
Suri is one good reminder for that