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Harry Gets a Tattoo with Taylor
Like a good elder girlfriend, Taylor Swift, 23, chaperoned her current boyfriend Harry Styles to get his latest tat in West Hollywood on Tuesday. With Taylor clinging to his side, the 18-year-old One Direction singer got an image of a huge ship inked on his left upper arm at the ever popular Shamrock Tattoo. While Harry is no stranger to body art, he's so far managed to avoid getting Taylor's name etched permanently into his flesh. Pretty funny -- considering the bad boy in Taylor's new music video "I Knew You Were Trouble" gets a very similar tattoo ... and the song's all about how he broke her heart (surprise). cr; tmz
i hope that ship does SWIFT smoothly^^;
5 years ago·Reply
it looks like a 3D tattoo lol
5 years ago·Reply
prolly that's just the swelling haha
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