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We are hearing a lot about racism lately, but does anyone really know what it is? Racism is, an unreasonable hatred of another person based solely on race, ethnicity, color of skin or any combination thereof. There is no such thing as reverse racism. It goes both ways. It can be a white person hating a black person, a black person hating a white person, a purple person hating a green person. It can even happen within the same race based on how dark or light a person is. You can label almost any crime as racism, as long as the victim is a different race from the aggressor. That does not necessarily mean that it was an act based on race/racism. Maybe it was just a crime? Not every criminal act is based on skin color. Usually, it is based on convenience for the criminal. Sometimes, however, it is based on race/racism. Those crimes are concidered hate crimes. If you really think about it, all ism's are based in hate. Racism, sexism... Its all hate! Maybe there is a solution, if there is, I don't know what it is. I wish I did! All I know is that I want a less hateful world for my children to grow up in. All 3 of my children are different from society's version of normal. I don't want them to be treated poorly because they are different. My daughter is a beautiful red head. My older son is deaf with special needs. My younger son is mixed, half white and half black. I fear for their futures in this ever growing racial tension. We need to remember the children and their innocence in all of this. They learn how to act from the adult influences in their lives. Don't use racial slurs. Watch what you say arou d children, yours amd other people's. Words can hurt and can leave lasting scars. Don't raise the next generation to be as hateful, as hate filled as prior generations. It only hurts them in the long run. End rant.
That is so true. There is also a problem with some people thinking that only certain people can experience it. There are others who think only certain people can be racist. Racism can be experienced by anyone of any color. Likewise, anyone of any color can be a racist. Unfortunately, hate and ignorance are everywhere. That is why it is an uphill battle to eliminate the hate and racism. Too many preconceived ideas about what it is and what it isnt.
Everyone likes to try and quote Dr. King, few do it correctly. I wish everyone would read the Dream speech!
I think it's just so hard for people to understand, to really understand. I think few people really have had to experience racism enough to know what it really means.
Thank you so much! You would not believe how many people don't understand that racism goes both ways! I really hope that your kids and all kids can grow up and be safe and healthy, in a world without racism.