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People who has an active lifestyle always seems to be on top of things. You know, the ones who manage to do an endless list of things and still find themselves to look presentable at work...before 8:30am. Yea, and I'm not one of them. Even though I wake up with my biological clock (around 6am in the morning), I have a habit of lying in bed, attempting to do the cycling leg workout, while waiting for time to pass. Once the clock hits 7am, I would get out of bed and finally dress up. It doesn't even make sense why I'm in a rush sometimes when I have SO MUCH time. My conclusion: I'm determined to start cultivating healthy habits that would make my morning more productive. Follow along if you need motivation!

1. Drink a cup of tea

I'm skipping the sugary and caffeinated drinks and indulge in a cup of tea (camomile, peppermint or cinnamon) to help soothe the head and aid digestion before hitting the hay. I'll definitely sleep more soundly and wake up with more energy.

2. Plan tomorrow's breakfast

Even though I wake up early, I'm not a morning person. I get more stuff done in the evening even though I sleep before 12am. If your'e like me, you can try meal planning for next day's breakfast and lunch during the evening. Easy meals such as overnight oats, cereal, fruits and yogurt, eggs and toasts, and smoothies are quick and simple choice that can boost your energy for the day.

3. Moisturize the skin

There are many times I want to sleep with my makeup on but I have to push myself to wash them off. The skin needs to breathe and regenerate overnight to keep it hydrated and silky smooth the next day. I realize the better my skin, the less time I'll spend applying makeup in the morning.

4. Lay out the active outfit

I'll have no excuse to not do yoga or pilates if I already have the active outfit sitting on my desk. The challenge is actually getting out of bed and slipping them on.

5. Pack tomorrow's lunch

This one is actually easier than preparing for breakfast because I can take any leftover from the evening and put it in a tupperware (and that's my lunch)! Plus, I get to save up for not eating out.
I love drinking tea before sleeping! I usually add two teaspoons of milk to the tea to soften the flavor. The milk also help me sleep better.
I love figuring out what I'm going to wear the next day right before I go to sleep, so that when it comes time to wake up the next morning, I'm not digging through my drawers trying to find something that works. That usually saves me a LOT of time. Also prepping breakfast/lunch like that.