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A black and white feline decided to hijack a two-seater airplane by hiding in the wing's compartment until the plane was airborne. Being ever so curious, the cat wormed its way from inside the wing to peek out into the open air--meowing the whole time! Like that was going to help!
The pilot, sensing something in the corner of his eye, looked over and discovered the cat hanging on for dear life. That's when the flight was cut short and he made an emergency landing to free the cat.
No, the cat wasn't harmed. I wonder, however, what would happen if it was something else, like a snake hiding in the plane! That could have spelled disaster really quick!
The lady was smart not to touch the cat when in the air. Cats are so unpredictable. I'm sure that will be the last time that cat hides in the wing. He'll associate that terrifying flight with napping in the wing.
If I were that cat, I would be MORTIFIED. I'm really terrified of heights, so I couldn't even imagine being on that plane, let alone being so tiny and on that plane.
Ohmygosh that cat is so cool! He looks like he's just chilling the whole time, but I bet the poor thing was scared for his life!
Yeah, I'm thinking they do. hahaa
I’m sure! Don’t cats have pretty good memories too? @noonmarez