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First off, when you are wanting a pretty curl to your lashes you want to make sure you have a great mascara that helps curl. Pictured above is Rimmel London Wonderlash. This is actually one of their new mascaras. It's wonderful. Lol
Then you want to make sure you have a great eye lash curler. I always use a clear mascara first and then my eye lash curler once the clear is dry. Then add your curling mascara. This will give you a very pretty look and your lashes stay natural! No false lashes needed.
If your are wanting a more bold look or just the appearance of fuller longer lashes do what I did and invest in Younique Moodstruck 3D fiber mascara. It is a bit pricier than your normal mascara but you will not be disappointed. This mascara comes with two tubes. One is your fibers and one is a mascara gel. It also comes with instructions when you buy it. You will definitely will be able to throw away your falsies using this product.
Last but not least is your blow dryer. I know, I know crazy right? Well it really works!! You will not need your eye lash curler unless you just want to use it. You can use this technique with your 3D mascara or regular mascara. It also helps speed up the drying process. What you will want to do is make sure you blow dryer has a low setting.(you don't want to use the high setting.) Then, apply your favorite mascara and curl if you want. Take you blow dryer and turn it up toward your face so it is hitting your Eyelashes. Be careful and do not get too close because it will get too warm. As you do this it will blow your lashes upward and cause the curling effect. This is my favorite technique!! Keep you eyes half closed/half opened. This keeps your eyes from drying out and your eyes will be open enough for the air to hit your lashes. When you are done apply one last coat of mascara and let that air dry. You are set!
This is a photo of the blow dryer technique. Hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions or another techinique to share please comment below! Much love! Xoxo- Kris
Love this!
@stargaze it's no problem! And thank you he's rotten lol @Miadollerina the Wonderlash is great. I think you will really like it!!
Awesome tips! Hmm...I think I'll try the Wonderlash mascara & blow dryer technique. Thanks!
Thanks for the tips! Seems like the blow dryer method does work. I heard of it but was hesitant to try but after seeing your eyelashes I'm gonna give it a shot. Btw, your son is adorable! :)
You are so pretty! I will definitely try the blow dryer technique :)