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The air was laden heavy Undisclosed identity But no one knew, And few cared For the city That was buried underneath, the vapor. Muffled voices and daunting gaze. Hollow faces buring With a haunting rage. They lived in figments Of varied hue Shuffling fragments Without a clue. They colored their lives In pigments of black and blue. But the vapor never rose And the sun never shone The roses withered.. As the rocks weathered. And through the years Though the seasons changed The weather stayed on ..forever. ~Debanka Chanda
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You're really set a solemn scene....spooky. I can almost here the murmur of muffled voices around me.
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hey thanks for reading.. apparently only you read this poem till now!
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@DebankaChanda somehow, I don't believe it! It's worthy of many more reads, my friend :) Hopefully more people will discover it, too.
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