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Some of you who follow my cycling collection know that I've been an avid cyclist since I was a teenager. You may also be aware that I ride 7 days a week without fail (indoors on a trainer or on the road where I prefer). I average 200-250 miles/week - just depends on factors like traffic, weather, and if my aging body cooperates. I wear through cycling skins pretty quickly. Most last a single season... and I don't buy cheap stuff. Castelli has been my preferred brand for the past 5 years. I started wearing their cyclocross bibs and jerseys for they are a little more durable. I keep thinking - my bike is white black and red... and I'm tired of all the funky colors and sponsorship jerseys for brands I don't use. And solid black is stupid - sorry. High contrast on the road if you don't want to get run over. Which brings me to another point - another reality of my cycling routine - until recently with the lengthening of the day as we head into summer - I usually ride in the dark. I leave at 5:30 and arrive back home at 7am - usually... the sun is just coming up on most days when I get home. Thus my desire to have fun with designing a customized set of skins for my own cycling enjoyment and amusement. I am a night fury. I ride like a fiend... of course I have over 2000 total lumens of lighting on me and my bike and killer looking reflective rim decals. But still. I like dragons and I wanted to design skins that were... well... something that looked like skin - skin of a dragon - but skin none-the-less.
Created as vector files - I designed a racing bib, jersey, and a set of arm warmers... something you need in California. My rides start well before dawn and I live right off the ocean - so fog, mist, cool Pacific Ocean breezes... it is usually in the low 50's. By the time I end my rides and the sun is coming up - it could be in the mid to high 60's. It gets warm - fast. Arm warmers are great... peel them off and tuck them into one of your back pockets and keep trucking. I wanted to do a gradient and incorporate the colors of my bike. I also added some fun fan art stuff... Like the "House Targaryen Stigil" and the Stigil for "Hicup and Toothless" - the red screaming skull that rests on Hicup's armor. Then add the brands I use... the components and bikes I ride.
I've had two printers so far say my design is too "intricate" for their printers. Those are both USA printers. One really frustrated me - they gave me the run-around for nearly a month. I'd avoid "Fast Freddie" in San Francisco if I were you... their sales rep was sadly, very unprofessional. And they basically lied to me about being able to do the job - then they backed out. I have permission from the bike companies to use their logos and the other stuff is fan-art. Since I won't be making copies or selling them... just two sets for me (a main and backup in case of a spill or something gets torn)... it's just fan-art - like cycling cosplay. At least that's how I look at it.
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how do I get a set? ?