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Okay guys, I've notice some pretty dare I say hot Asian guys rockin purple hair well and since purple is my favorite color ever! I just wanted to give them a shoutout. So here we go in no particular order..
Ray from C-Clown rockin the sexy messy purple hair in the mv Justice, ugh I need a fan it's definitely getting hot in here ;)
Timoteo from HOTSHOT can we just take a sec to look at this amazing creature whoooo!
V from BTS Oh V you are my ultimate bias I love you sooo much and seeing you with purple hair and a lollipop in your mouth, I feel I I died and went to heaven lol. The feelz man THE FEELZ!! :) You can't really tell in the video but yea he's rockin purple hair :)
Dongwoon from BEAST I run wanna run my fingers threw Dongwoo's hair that's all! :)
Xiumin from EXO That hair and those eyes, ughhh I'm gonna go crazy!! :)
Well guys that's it for my list for now, I didn't wanna go to crazy haha. If there's any kpop idol hair color that you just find super amazing make a list and tag me I'd love to see it!
Bonus!!! :) I have been know to rock the purple hair also haha. I actually miss it :/
Maybe oneeee dayyy. I keep going back and forth between purple and navy blue.
Haha thanks guys!! :) I've been thinking of dying my hair purple again. when I do I'll post a picture. @danidee dooooo ittttt! :)
Hahahah I love that you added yourself to the list
I've always wanted purple hair. This card makes me so jealous!!
I love purple hair color. I have been thinking about getting purple hair myself.
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