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Song Seung Hun and JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong gather attention with a comic shot. On May 7, Song, who is in the middle of shooting MBC’s new drama series Time Slip Dr. Jin which is planned to air on May 26, uploaded a picture on his official account of Facebook. He uploaded a picture with Kim Jae Joong with the title “My first encounter with Kyung Tak.” In this upcoming series, Song flies back to the Joseon Dynasty in 1860s and plays the surgeon Jin Hyuk who is high-skilled in martial arts. Kim, on the other hand, portrays the best military officer of Joseon, Kyung Tak. In the picture, Kim is wearing a serious look, staring at the back of Song’s head, but Song is smiling brightly towards the camera. Netizens who saw the posting commented: “It’s a great collaboration, guys.” “They both are good-looking guys.” “They look friendly together.” “With two of them together, it radiates.” Time Slip Dr. Jin will be aired as a follow-up series to Feast of the Gods. Src:
ya kiero verloooossss
sonriendo comos siempre
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