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Playlist Challenge: Non K-Pop!
Somehow there are really only Japanese songs on this list with the exception of one XD You have been warned
Wilber Pan // Bu De Bu Ai
This song is so old XD . I don't even remember how I stumbled upon it but every once in awhile I have to listen to it <3

oh wait...I remember...these guys on Youtube. They were the freaking greatest.
Nana Kitade // Kesenai Tsumi

Natsumi Watanabe // Every Heart

I'd like to thank Death Note for introducing me to these guys. They're amazing.

Maximum The Hormone // What's Up People

Maximum The Hormone // Zetsubou Billy

Maximum The Harmone //チューチューラブリ

Hilcrhyme // Daijōbu (Alright) - I don't know how I found this song lol But I really liked it.
Akeboshi // Wind - I think this is my favorite opening of Naruto (:

Anna Tsuchiya // Rose - Has anyone watched NANA? I want a season 2 D;

Olivia // Starless Night

Anna Tsuchiya // Lucy
ナイトメア // the WORLD

Asian Kung-Fu Generation // Haruka Kanata <333
I would add more but I'm drawing a big fat blank XD Thanks for looking! & thanks to @Jiggzy19 for the theme
(ू• ౪•ू )
This ended up just being my favorite songs from shows lmao /.\
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