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Not sure what to get or make him for your anniversary or a big holiday? Don't have a lot to spend? Don't worry, I've got your back!!
I saw that @SkyeWagner is looking for some ideas, so I did some searching on line for cute, easy DIY ideas for your favorite guy :) And found this cute video! It's V-day themed, but I think you could use these ideas for any holiday, really. You could totally make these for a girlfriend or friend, too, just make the necessary alterations.

Let's go!!

#1 (1:00) - Jar of LOVE!

I love this idea! I actually made one of these for my parents for their anniversary before, and filled it with memories from my childhood that I thought they'd like hearing again. It's time consuming to write out the memories, but they really loved it! I filled it with 365 memories (one for every day) but you don't have to do that many!!

#2 (2:55) - Mix CD!

I used to be the queen of giving out mixed CD's, to the point where I had one guy I dated upset with me because I hadn't given him one, and he knew that I loved making them! I tried to tell him that it was because I didn't need music to share my feelings with him, but it didn't work out....anyways, this is a great, easy way to share something you love with your BF!

#3 (5:10) - Paper Fortune Cookies!

I have never tried making these, but the next time I get the chance I'm totally going to try!!! This is such a great idea, and it's easy! Sending messages is always a great gift for meaningful holidays~~

#4 (6:40) - Hooked on You Bucket

This is probably the easiest, and the most directly enjoyable (lol!!) If you plan on cozying up with a homemade meal or going to the movies, this is a great gift, because you can enjoy it together. You can customize the bucket to be something they'd use again as well.

#5 (7:45) - Love Scratch Off!

Ok, so you'd have to make this a little less Valentine's themed, but this could be a really fun way to make something interactive and enjoyable for them!!
@onesmile LOL send the link to a friend.....too obvious?
Cute ideas but I want someone to make me the bucket of candies lol