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Apparently this is pretty common, but I've never seen it until now! Viola...a magical set of Sims cosplays!
The best part of this is that making the Sims Plumbob (yes, that's what little green do-hickey is called) is really actually quite easy!!
Or, if you want to get a little fancier and make one that is really, really sparkly, try this tutorial. Either way, I know I'm doing this for an easy cosplay someday!! I just gotta! Or, maybe, Halloween.
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This is great! And I bet it's a comfortable costume to wear all day at a convention too! I remember one con I went to I was sweating bullets because it was so hot.
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@shannonl5 Yes this is great bc you can just wear whatever outfit you want!
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Yes. Must try. I basically was a sim during high school since I played it so often hahaha might as well make the costume!
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