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Step 1 Bend an 18-inch-long piece of floral wire in half and wrap double-sided tape around the bent end about five times. Step 2 Hold the tip of a streamer, still attached to its roll, against the top of the taped wire. Then loosely wrap it around the wire four times to create an inner bud, pinching the bottom edge of the streamer against the taped wire as you go. Step 3 Continue wrapping the streamer around the wire, gathering the paper at the flower's base so that the petals fan out at the top. Continue until you have a full flower. Finish by cutting and securing the flower to the wire with floral tape. Repeat until you have enough blooms to fill a bowl. Source http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/make-crepe-paper-flowers-1010#slide-4
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Beautiful!!! I love it!