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ngga papalah ..... cowo ngerokok mah biasa :) daripada min ho nge drugs ... (amit2 ...) tapi lbh bagus lagi klo berenti ya ... dear min ho
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No matter if he smoke, we don't have a rigth to judge him n say for him not to smoke. Even he is an actor, he just a ordinary human just like us...he have a right to do that...I think its not whatever you want "LEE"...success for you !!
It's just not healthy for him if he does it on a regular basis...I care what happens to him in the future :)
It's not healthy but hey! he's just living his life.. and he's not proudly showing it or something.. he's being responsible coz he knows he has a lot of young fans and he doesnt want them to be thinking that's ok
Most of man always smoke , it is normal , but because Oppa is a famous idol , for health and be a good model for teenager , you shouldn't smoke in public ~,right ? Oppa ~@@~
Be a public figure is not easy. Where he must be hide for something for his fans, but...actually...even he is a big actor, he just a human just like us ! That's the point..n I do agree with AmeliaSantos said, "he just living his life" as a young man who have a social life for him self. Come on guys, open your eyes, he always give us the best performances, right...?? Its Lee ! He know what he done for him self, he know what he done for us....:) if only he could read our conversation about him....:D