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A mile-long pizza has existed in this world and I didn't get a piece of it and I am sad. Seriously, that's the worst part about all of this.
Chefs in Milan achieved receiving the Guinness World Record for "World's Longest Pizza," and it ended up being 1.59545 kilometers long, which is just shy of a mile. The feat was done this year to celebrate the 126th anniversary of the margherita.
It took them 18 hours and five ovens to create this masterpiece. It also took 1.7 tons of flour, 1.5 tons of mozzarella and 2 tons of tomato sauce. That's a lotta sauce.
Even if I didn't get a slice (lame) it didn't go to waste: the first 30,000 visitors to the Expo where the record was broken got a slice, and 300 meters of the pie was also donated to a local food bank.
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@cindystran I LOVE smelling like pizza, come on! @danidee @caricakes You both needed to be in Italy, I gues...as did I....they should have offered to mail us all a slice.
I just wept a single and proud tear. This is beautiful. And the fact that it was made by Italian pizza chefs only makes me all the more jealous that no one shared it with me.
Where is my slice @drwhat
Woah! This is super cool, but I will probably not want to smell like pizza for the whole day.