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I'll admit I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the truck wasn't actually see-thru (as the click-baity title had lead me and you to believe), but this is still pretty cool.
Samsung has made a truck that allows the drivers behind it to see what is on the road ahead of it, leading to more informed decisions and better driving. Check it out!
Pretty cool, right? I never thought I'd find myself impressed with a big rig but here we are.
The only real bummer is that these aren't really operational yet--I know, I know. Samsung made these for testing and to film, but is currently working with government and non-government safety agencies to develop the tech further so that it can actually be implemented.
I don't know that this is needed everywhere, but for places that have a ton of two-lane roads, I think this could be really helpful.
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this is great. i've traveled somewhat extensively in Argentina and can say that this will definitely go a long way... Argentine drivers tend to be.... risky haha
@jeff4122 Yeah, just from the videos it seems like the roads could really use something to make thema little bit safer. Havent' been there myself though.