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Something every person craves some point in their life. And Homer Simpson's favorite, DONUTS! But have you ever seen one like this? Can we agree this is A-MAZ-ING! Makes your mouth water for this crispy, beautifully topped....
Donuts have done it again! So many uses for donuts. This goes to our vanilla ice cream, chocolate, dount lovers. (If any) What a midnight snack I would eat until I get blow up.
This goes out to all my Oreo cookie fans! Where yall at? *Right here* Comment your favorite Oreo cookie. My ultimate favorite is the White Fudge. (Top Left Corner) If you haven't tried it you haven't tasted heaven. Milk's Favorite cookie. By the way, does someone has a glass of milk I can have?
This picture makes you think between what is really a want and a need. There goes our donut sandwhich again. I dont even know what that is in that top right corner. But you can never go wrong with M&M's in my book. Bottom left corner is a pile of all goodies that will make sure your stomach grawl and every tooth turn sweet. That M&M's ice cream cup. If I ever get that as a gift, Im going to kidnap you.
MARSHMALLOWS I repeat MARSHMALLOWS!! Ice Cream, sprinkles, strawberry icing, what looks to be either a cherry or gumball on top. Either way I wouldn't mine having this plate right now.
Cookie Dough Covered with fudge sprinkled with chocolate chip pieces and THEN FROZEN. Nothing else say but injoy.
I aint got no type.... food is the only thing I really like. Greases food please me.... in a really good way. I dont do diets. I aint trying to starve... so I say no to fasting.
I dont know what any of those things covered in M&Ms are but I want ALL OF THEM.
I will most definitely visit that place. Lol making me hungry.
Omg, there's a place next to where I live in San Diego called 'The Baked Bear' where you can get donut ice cream sandwiches like that. I've always been afraid too (because I don't want to die from sugar shock), but I like staring at them and drooling a little.
I want all of them so bad, but the calories scare me. All of them must have a high calorie count.
@AlmightyAli I totally agree! I feel like those donuts are worth going on a scavenger hunt for. I'm going to make it my business to figure out where I can get one and ASAP!
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