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How To: Wear Brown Eye Shadow To Compliment Your Complexion

If there was such thing as a perfect eye shadow shade, it would hands down be brown.

There are women who love eye shadow, women who hate eye shadow and then there are women who fall somewhere in between. Whether you're a fan or not, every woman should own at least one brown eye shadow -- it's a must! Brown is such a neutral shade that can easily make any look extremely natural without trying too hard. Whether you're going for a smokey eye or just a bit of color, throw some brown on your eyes.
I've never been an eye shadow fan, but I do appreciate a bit of brown shadow every now and then. Not only is it a universal color for pretty much every skin complexion, but brown shadow knows no age. Whether you're in your mid 20's or late 40's, brown shadow will never steer you wrong. Brown is such a versatile color that works perfectly for both day time and night time looks. Trust me, I wouldn't steer you wrong -- I know the makeup game pretty well. So ladies, get ready to give your eyes the attention they've been craving while I introduce you to the perfect brown shadow to compliment your complexion.

Fair Complexion: For those who happen to be more on the pale side, soft brown and taupe eye shadow's would best compliment their complexion.

MAC Cosmetics 'Soft Brown' and Maybelline's 'Tastefully Taupe' are both great options.

Olive Complexion: For those naturally tan women, tan and grey-brown eye shadow's would make your eyes pop perfectly.

MAC Cosmetics 'Cork' and Illamasqua's 'Truth' are both great options.

Dark Complexion: For those ladies with a little more melanin, champagne and copper tones are absolutely beautiful on your complexion.

Bobbi Brown's 'Champagne' and Stila's 'Comex Copper' are perfect options.
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