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Selena Gomez impersonates Tswift

BFF Knows Best!

Who would be better at impersonating Taylor Swift other than gal pal Selena Gomez? The cute video shows Gomez having some fun time impersonating her BFF as well as some other fellow stars. She impersonated Shakira claiming that Shakira has a similar sound to Cher. And then she tried to get serious and rap like her collab partner, A$AP Rocky. All in all this was such a nice video to show Selena in a really informal way. It's a breath of fresh air showing Gomez happy and personable when she has been known to be facing some rocky times in the past few months.
Selena nails her Taylor impersonation making sure she does a slightly seductive head bang and point with the head turning to the side. LOL. And of course... did you know that Gomez can spit her gum in the air and catch it in her mouth? Don't believe me? Watch for yourself.
It's true. Taylor Swift does point and do the notorious head bang frequently.

It's just her thing...OKAY?

They are a power friendship but we wouldn't expect anything less for Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. They have the strongest gal pal nation in the world and everyone wants to be in their clique. Sorry, their table is full, they're 'exclusive'. LOL jk but really where do you sign up to be their best friend?
Selena nailed Taylor impersonation!!!
Selena Gomez is so adorable. You could tell she was totally prepared to just go crazy when it came to rapping time, but she caught herself because it was a 'family interview' lol.
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