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“I guess I just wanted to drink a good cup of coffee,” hundred-year-old coffee roaster Ichiro Sekiguchi from Tokyo told a reporter from Sprudge. And when asked when he started roasting...he couldn’t even tell you.
Café de L’Ambre boasts that they have the “Perfect Own Roast, Hand-Dripped” coffee. And with their favorite roaster, Sekiguchi, they hold a long tradition of coffee.
The employees hold a long-standing tradition of roasting, but also the coffee shop has its own old history. Café de L’Ambre first opened its doors in 1948, it moved locations in the ’70s, but stayed in the same area in Tokyo. It’s a coffee-only menu, and they used aged beans that go back decades. Everyone that steps into this classic place is able to sip on coffee that has been there for decades. Talk about a history of flavor!
Alright, this looks legit. And if he's still roasting at 100 it's really, really time for me to start. And more than just that one time I tried it in a chestnut roasting basket over an open flame...
Me too. It's like finding buried treasure in a place no one else is looking.
Yeah I wonder @danidee! I feel like it’s one of those places you might not notice unless you were looking for it though! I love that kinda stuff.
A little secret gem of history and happiness :D
I'd love to be able to add this to my list of destinations if and when I ever get to visit Tokyo. I just hope it's not too expensive!