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The body positive moment is out and proud. Now more then ever people are coming together to demand a change in the fashion industry, the media, pretty much in all of society. No longer should a certain size be the bar a person needs to live up to in order to be beautiful. We are all born with different sizes, shapes, and genetics. We should embrace the difference!
But at what point does body positivity cross that line into body shaming?
Don't get me wrong, I am all about this body positive moment. I am pretty much in love with Tess Holliday and Dove Campaigns are masterpieces. But I have come to notice that, while embracing our own bodies is a wonderfully difficult thing, it seems to led people into accidentally shaming others.
Has anyone used these phrases before?
"Real women have curves."
True! Real women do have curves! But what? Does that make women who are naturally flat less of a woman? This phrase was meant to show solidarity between the beautiful, curvy ladies out there who have been ignored/shunned by the media for the past hundred years.
But that doesn't mean that you should exclude a whole body type just to make yourself feel better.
"Damn, she needs to eat a cheeseburger."
Just because someone is smaller doesn't mean they have an eating disorder. And if they do have a disorder have some tact. That is the most deadly mental illness and to make light of someones suffering is not body positivity. Sometimes (and I know this doesn't sound fair), people can eat whatever they want and ever gain weight. We can be jealous all we want but shamming them is not pushing our body movement forward.
In fact shaming is pulling us further from our goal of body positivity and solidarity.
"I'd rather go out with friends and have fun then waste time at the gym."
"Whats the point of having an awesome body if you don't know how to have fun?"
I know its hard to not feel a bit of jealously when someone actually likes going to the gym. I hate the gym and sometimes I hate my friends who get so excited to wake up in the morning to work out. As in EARLIER then they have too! But the truth is, thats awesome. They are working their ass off to reach their fitness goals. And just because they are already fit does not mean there isn't more then can improve on.
Trying to find ways to negate their happiness will not help you become happy with your own body.
Body positivity has come a long way! Now more then ever there is a chance for the next generation to feel more self love and happiness then we have. But the only way we will achieve this is by embracing all bodies, thick and thin, tall and short, curvy and flat!
I love the part that says work out because u love ur body...
great post! Sometimes I wish I was smaller in body so I would be more flexible and feel less loggy but since lately one of my very slim friends let me kno that makes no difference cause she feels the same way too. Hell! I'm keeping this!
I appreciate this post very much. We need to support each other's bodies. It's totally possible to love every part of your own body, and celebrate someone else's. Thank you for this. :) :)
@TerrecaRiley me too! thats my favorite picture! i think its terrible that no one loves their bodes as much as they should