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I don't like barbecues.

It's a lot of sunscreen, brushing flies away from the potato salad, the neighbors asking 'are you sure you don't want a burger?', and flimsy paper plates. What I do like though, is a perfectly curated playlist - especially for the fourth of July.
Here's what I'm listening to this year, even though some are a bit unconventional.

Dom - Living in America

First off, this is the weirdest band ever. The singer is never photographed because he is apparently running from the IRS and they write songs about riding bikes and swimming in lakes. Something about this song grabs me and I always have it on loop in my car on the fourth.
"It's so sexy to be living in America"

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood

Alright so Marina is British, but I think this song gives us a good look at the new American dream, the dream of Hollywood fame. The video is chock-full of American flags and will have you wanting that stereotypical Hollywood lifestyle too.
"Hollywood infected your brain, you want to kiss it in the rain. I'm obsessed with the mess that's America"

Lana del Rey - National Anthem

This video is a classic. Lana is Marilyn, Lana is Jackie, Lana is amazing. Just watch it.
"Summer's in the air and baby heaven's in your eyes"

David Bowie - Young Americans

David Bowie (more Brits on my list) perfectly captures the straight-out-of-the-movies teenage summer romance in this song. Also the shittiness of being an American teenager involved in a summer romance...
"Have you have been an un-American?"

Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place

Okay so this isn't necessarily about America but I always associate Talking Heads with summer vacations in New Jersey and there is nothing really more American than that.

"Home - is where I want to be But I guess I'm already there"

I LOVE THIS LIST!! And not just because I have a forever lady crush on Marina.
Love it! Rocking out to Lana as we speak :)