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Most of the cards in my Beatles covers collection are examples of bands doing a good job with their covers.
This is a serious exception. This is worthy of arrest.
For starters, Miley Cyrus should probably never be allowed to cover The Beatles, just on principle. It's a crime against sanctity - The Beatles have it, Miley does not. Sorry.
Secondly, Miley Cyrus should definitely not be allowed to cover The Beatles when it involves her emerging from some sort of metal blanket.
Thirdly, if you want to cover "A Day in the Life," you need to make sure you do a really, really good job, because it just may be the best song ever recorded, and that is not something that can be taken lightly.
Fourthly, The Flaming Lips are weird. Too weird for this and too weird to do a respectful, honorable job with this song. But we already knew that, and the oddities that are natural to The Flaming Lips are usually OK, so I'm willing to let it go. Kind of.
I hate everything about this, and I don't want to talk about it ever again.
@caricakes it's just terrible. I'm so upset.
This is quite easily the weirdest thing I've seen on the internet all week?
Oh. My. God.