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Almost every famous TV show tries to change things up every now and then and throw a musical episode at its audience. While these episodes usually derail the plot entirely and force actors who are not necessarily singers to perform, they are entertaining for the show's true fans. I've compiled a list of my favorite songs from my favorite musical episodes into a weirdly beautiful playlist, please enjoy.
This episode is full of terribly great songs. None of these actors can sing and the director chose pretty bad original songs anyways (The Fray, Snow Patrol..come on). But, the episode itself was pretty serious and the addition of music just made it that much more dramatic.
This is only good because Neil Patrick Harris is amazingly talented. Also, that choreography.
Awesome original song that fits perfectly with the vibe of That 70's Show.
I love this entire episode because it pokes fun at Glee, but this song in particular because Troy/Donald Glover/Childish Gambino is actually pretty good even in a satirical rap.
I love this particular number because it's a parody of several songs from Les Mis (my favorite musical), but this entire episode is awesome, it's hard to choose just one song.


I learned so much from this song.
Moonlighting! Don't forget David and Maddie!
@gavriella - I thought about including that one but don't watch the show! I'll check it out
I love this list but it definitely needs the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is pure gold, even if you don't really watch the show
musical episodes are probably my favorite thing ever. I especially loved Scrubs...when JD and Turk profess their love to each other in “Guy Love.” I died!