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Ellen DeGeneres is the most famous talk show host on the television. She has the most famous celebrities and the funniest performers. One key player in her show is bringing on amazingly hilarious or talented children. Since Ellen doesn't have any children of her own, she loves to bring kids on and take them as her own inviting them back frequently to catch up. She sends them on fun vacations and spoils them with elaborate gifts. She makes these children Internet sensations and the audience loves it. Check out some of Ellen's favorites!

Meet Balang.

This kid comes all the way from the Philippines where he was found by Ellen's team after becoming an internet sensation from dancing to the song 'Bang Bang'. I don't know about you but I freaking love watching a chubby kid show off some moves. His style is on fleek.

Meet Noah Ritter.

APPARENTLY you've probably already heard of this kid. Apparently he loves his grandpa more than any other family member. Apparently his bff is Ellen's production assistant. Apparently Ellen sends him on multiple vacations. Apparently he loves pizza. Apparently he hates hotel televisions because they don't have cartoons. Apparently he has met multiple celebrities. Apparently he's obsessed with dinosaurs. Apparently the world loves him because he makes you laugh and is on the show every few weeks. Apparently.

Meet Macey.

She's the next aspiring President of the United States and she wants to be on the 10 dollar bill. I'd say she is very impressive for a five year old and she can put your presidential knowledge to shame. She knows about every president and even has a little jingle to remember them all. She's been to the White House now thanks to Ellen saying it was 'the best day ever'. Oh, and her favorite color is blue. She's so cute.

Meet Elias.

Always spastic and unpredictable and you can tell on Ellen's face. He just really loves Ellen so I'm sure he thinks it's normal to hop up and give her a hug in the middle of a conversation. He has super long hair and Ellen does notice that he has yet to cut it. He's also a fiend when it comes to play the piano. It's his lucky gift and it's undeniably cool.

Meet Zony & Yony.

They don't speak a lick of English but they have smiles for days. Super cute and definitely in-sync. They always have matching costumes and have that weird twin telepathy. They really love American music and Ellen loves to just watch their facial expressions because they never stop smiling. They love chocolate and refrain from anything more than a smile when Ellen gives them gifts. They just get bigger smiles. And then dance.

Meet the Lucky Aces.

I don't think I've ever seen kids who are more talented at hip hop dance. LIKE WOW. Ellen made their wishes come true when she gave them tickets to Ariana Grande's concert but Ariana took it one step further by spending the entire day with them as well as inviting them to dance with her on stage not only once but twice. One with her back up dancers and one as their own solo performance! That's so cool. For kids who learned the choreography in one day, you'd be shocked at how perfect it is. Future choreographers in the making for sure!

Meet the 'Exasperating' Kid.

He's pissed. Why? Because his mom is having another child and he's very irritated about it. He feels that his parents are going to replace him when they already have enough with having two kids. He's very curious to know if he's getting a brother or sister but he definitely doesn't want a brother because boys cry more. His mom said he hates when babies cry and he kind of knows what the word 'exasperating' means but he says he pulled it out of his head.

Meet Heaven and Heaven's Mom.

They've now been on the show twice and it's amazing what dancing can do to a person in a year. Heaven and her mom are absolutely adorable as they dance to Beyoncé. Ellen was nice to give them tickets to Beyoncé's show as well as gave Heaven her very own butterfly costume. There is nothing more awe worthy than watching mother and daughter bonding.

Meet Kai.

He gives a blank stare but is extremely complimentary of Ellen. He loves to give up and start singing Bruno Mars because that's his favorite artist. Ellen even paired up Kai and Bruno Mars but Kai was so star struck that he didn't initiate any fan-girling until Bruno finally hugged him. Adorably, Kai gave Ellen her a bracelet to seal the deal. Bored? Just watch Kai stand up, shut his eyes super hard, and clench his hands, and listen to him sing fake words to the pop songs we all love. Television gold.

Meet Sophia Grace & Rosie.

THE original child guests that became Ellen's new pitch. They were the first two to become the internet sensations that became a habit of Ellen to bring on child guests. Everyone was obsessed with them. Sophia Grace being the big personality while Rosie was super quiet yet the ditzy blonde. They were the childhood stars of 2014 on Ellen as Ellen paraded them all over the place. They were British and fun and Sophia Grace eventually ditched Rosie to get her own music video. Super Bass really got them in the news!

Meet Tayt.

Ellen's only boyfriend and this kid has a heart of gold. He needed a new heart and is the next on the list to be receiving a heart! Ellen adores him and she always sits with him in her chair. She has given him and his family thousands of dollars to cover medical expenses and there isn't another kid that Ellen loves more. He will be her date to the premiere of 'Finding Dori' in 2016. I LOVE ELLEN (But Tayt loves her more!!!).
APPARENTLY he's a ham for attention.
@danidee YES! I just watched it today and it was hilarious. I think Noah Ritter is starting to really love being in the spotlight as he seems to be a little bit more flashy with each appearance.
Zony & Yony are the cutest. And I can't wait until Heaven grows up to become a famous choreographer. I remember when I first saw her, I wished I could find some sort of time machine to see where she goes from here because she's so tiny and talented already! Did you ever see the episode of Ellen where Noah the Apparently Kid goes against Chris Pratt in a dinosaur trivia competition? It's sooo funny.