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I can't be the only one who knows this feel. This happened to me ALL THE TIME when I used to work retail.
@danidee the amount of times, I'd have some old lady pull me aside and ask me something quietly, I could never understand cause the store was to loud... then you end up saying yes, and they just look at you like "Okay, so why aren't you going to get what I asked for?" and I'm just there like ... "What was it you wanted again?" XD
Oh yeah! People try to "whisper" to me so no one else can hear what they are saying, after I have already told them I can't hear if they whisper. I can read lips, but if you're talking a mile a minute, forget it! I have said yes to a lot of questions when my answer should have been NO!!!
@xoxoaudra98 Fortunately, my sister heard, so she was like NOOOO. NO SHE DOESN'T. SHE JUST COULDN'T HEAR YOU. I was spared lol.
Aish this is the pain I get often~ @danidee I can already feel embarrassed by the airport situation T_T
@jlee37 Have you ever accidentally agreed to something you shouldn't have just because you couldn't hear? Last month, a TSA officer at the airport asked me if I had anything dangerous in my luggage, and I couldn't understand, so I said yes.... :'(
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