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You know them all, One Direction, The Wanted, hell even the Jonas Brothers! It's all about the boy bands, but what about the ladies?
Today I'm going to introduce you to 4 groups that will make you wonder why the hell you wasted your time with 98 Degrees way back when...

Fifth Harmony - Sledge Hammer

You're going to hear me say this a lot in this card: THEIR VOCALS ARE AMAZING.
Seriously, listen to these girls. This is an American group of powerhouse singers that deserve way more fame and fortune than what they're currently getting. They formed thanks to the X Factor USA and have been tearing up the charts (Sledgehammer is my fav, hands down)

Little Mix - Black Magic

It took me a while to get into these girls because I wasn't a huge fan of the single that made them crazy-famous, Wings. But then 'Move' came along and blew me away and I've loved them ever since. They're vocals are incredible and they're another product of the X Factor UK (aka the people who made One Direction)

Stooshe - Slip

Stooshe seems to have disappeared from the scene and haven't been active for about a year but that doesn't make their two singles any less amazing. Slip is an attempt at a more retro sound, and they nail it.

The Saturdays - What About Us

This English/Irish group has collaborated with pretty much everyone under the sun and never have the same sound twice. They are incredible performers and if you haven't heard their rendition of 'Just Can't Get Enough' you need to fix that.
I've never heard of Stooshe! Slip is a really cute, retro-y song. I hope that they continue releasing music even if they've seemed to dip off the radar for some time. And the Saturdays always remind me of Girls Aloud!
I love all of these bands! If anyone is looking for similar artists Neon Jungle is AMAZING. I love me some girl bands ^_^
One word "Satanic" Word!