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"Ralph Lauren was boring before I wore em" - Kanye West on “Brand New”
GQ has tallied all of the votes and the results are in: Kanye West is the world’s most stylish man. While he was one of many musicians to make the list (Pharrell clocked in at No. 3, A$AP Rocky was deemed eighth most stylish, and Jay Z got ninth,) Kanye’s slot at the top was well deserved.
Ye’ is THE trendsetter in fashion world. Over a decade ago, Kanye ushered in the Polo swag, leading urban hip-hop culture out of the baggy era. Today we see Kanye bringing high-fashion to the mainstream level, allowing classic designers to become household names.
Kanye also is a legend in the sneaker world. Yeezus got out of his deal with Nike and linked up with Adidas. His Yeezy Boost is set to arrive any day now. I am excited to see the impact of DONDA in the next year as well. Is there anyone who is working harder than Kanye right now in the hip-hop culture?
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Kanye and Kim both are SO fashionable. I'm surprised they're not designing yet. Or are they, and I just don't know about it? Either way, I'm part of the crowd that always seems to be craning its necks to see what those two are wearing.