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The peasant blouse is the epitome of 60s and 70s bohemian style. The style, which was popular on icons such as Ali Macgraw, Biana Jagger and Stevie Nicks, is coming back in full force. The peasant blouse is perfect for spring and summer with its flowy, loose style.
Grace Kelly introduced the peasant top to the fashion world when she played a Colombian coffee grower in the film "Green Fire."
The top became looser and more embroidery was added throughout the next two decades.
Peasant tops are now all over store shelves. Wear the peasant blouse with jeans or shorts for a casual, boho vibe.
You can also wear the peasant top style in the form of a peasant dress. This style of dress is incredibly comfortable and great for those really hot days. The breezy, breathable fabric will let your skin breath in the heat and the loose fabric will help cool you off.
Celebs, such as Vanessa Hudgens (the queen of boho style), Alessandra Ambrossio and Kendall Jenner, are rocking the boho chic trend.
If you want more options for pleasant dress and tips on which styles are popular, visit this card!

Slip on a peasant top or dress and rock the style like you are straight from the hippie era!

I used to live really close to Mexico so I would always find homemade shirts like the first picture for really cheap at my local markets. I have so many!
That's amazing! You should totally rock them!