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Emily Blunt in Sicario is something I desperately wanted but didn't know until I saw the trailer.
There's something extremely refreshing about watching a trailer -- that obviously looks like an action/thriller -- finding out that the lead is female and then finding out that female is Emily Blunt.
The rest of the cast looks great as well (Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro) but I'll admit that I'm more excited about seeing Blunt in this role. I really hope that this film does well so we can see more women in movies like these. We've already gotten Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max earlier this summer and I hope Blunt's performance follows that trend.
Denis Villeneuve directed this film and when I saw his 2013 film Prisoners, I became an instant fan. The decisions he makes with the scenes are brilliant (you should probably go watch Prisoners) and I can't wait to see what he does with this film.
Sicario will be in theaters September 18, 2015.
I love the idea of being a Social Justice Wizard though @paulisaverage- do we get to wear funny hats? Maybe if we waved our wands these things would be different... I'm always so torn because I want to believe that some progress is better than none, but as a white woman I don't think it's fair for me to be getting representation at the expense of others, so I'm definitely not the authority on that. But maybe this one will be different? It is kind of hard to tell from the trailer, but it sort of sounded like Blunt's character was being set up as an antihero? Maybe the moral of the story will be 'don't walk into situations you don't understand, it's not as helpful as you think it is'. We can dream, right?
@shannonl5, Oh gosh, I totally have that same problem. The white savior thing is super problematic (one of the MANY reasons I stopped watching Game of Thrones and why I didn't like Lucy either) for me but I still want to give it a shot. I'm trying hard not to be cynical either but you know how that goes... Oh, the woes of being a Social Justice Wizard, hahaha
I definitely agree- I'm really excited to see her in more action roles (she was AMAZING in The Edge of Tomorrow). I also feel like there's a trend of white woman - led action films that are set in other countries that do 't really have great representation for anyone but white women (ScarJo in Lucy comes to mind). I'm endeavoring not to be cynical, so I really hope this film doesn't have similar problematic themes.
@shannonl5, Dreaming is the Social Justice Wizard's main power. All we can do is dream... But I totally feel you, "maybe this one will be different" is the perfect sentiment that I have for this movie.
Lol can you tell I have a lot of feelings on this subject? Haha