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If you're in the mood for some melancholy tracks to go with your rainy day, then this playlist is for you. Here's 10 perfect songs to get you through your rainy day.

1. Girl From The North Country- Lions

Rock outfit Lions takes this classic Bob Dylan track and makes it a perfect rainy day track. Complete with haunting lyrics and a chugging guitars backed by rumbling drums.

2. Here Comes A Regular- The Replacements

This acoustic track from the Replacements, one of my favorite bands, provides you with the perfect balance of bluesy vocals and melancholy lyrics. You can really feel what Westerberg is singing.

3. Drama Queen- Green Day

This is a song that strays away from the usual Green Day formula. It's a track without bells and whistles, much like the Replacements track before it (actually you can hear some Replacements influence in here). It is all about the lyrics and communicating the message of a loss of innocence. Perfect themes for a rainy day right?

4. I Am The Rain- Peter Doherty

I mean, it has rain in the title, but aside from that, the mood of this song is perfect. It's a haunting acoustic ballad dripping with disdain and longing.

5. All We Are- One Republic

This piano laden track can only get better with the sound of rain in the background. One Republic are masters of melancholy, even though their top 40 tracks suggest otherwise.

6. Karma Police- Radiohead

Nobody knows what this song means, but that's okay right?

7. The End of All Things- Panic! At The Disco

This song boasts a heavily filtered vocal and crystal clear piano.

8. Hey Hey, My My- Battle Me

It seems that haunting acoustic ballads are the pinnacle of this list. Here's another from Battle Me.

9. Albion- Babyshambles

This song is truly beautiful. Pete Doherty has a way with the rainy day vibe, and it shows, landing his second track on the list.

10. Have You Ever Seen The Rain- Creedence Clearwater Revival

This is my favorite song of all time. It is the rainy day track. Rinse and repeat.