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The Pride Parade is this weekend and I am finding it extremely difficult to contain my excitement. On June 28 NYC will be decked out on the most extravagant, colorful, skin barring costumes and outfits NYC has ever seen. And every year it just keeps getting better.
The first march was held in 1970 and has become a tradition, raising awareness and support for the LBGTQ+ community! In the past 40 years the message has broaden to also include HIV/AIDS awareness, and to show solidarity and remembrance to those lost due to the disease, violence, hate, and neglect.
And can I just tell you, it is the craziest day of the year.
Pride is the best parade in the city. Everyone is not only allowed but encouraged to dress crazy, be who they are and just party. The love is overflowing as LBGTQer's take to the street to show pride and feel solidarity in an environment that is still, unfortunately, to full of hate.
Everyone is taking pictures with strangers, sharing a drink, and just having a laugh as the marchers dance, strut and pretty much preform the whole parade using 5th ave as their runway.
The vibes are great, the music is always blaring and the costumes are beautiful! Here are a few pictures from last years pride! If these don't convince you to go I'm not sure what will!
Like I said, you are encouraged to wear pretty much whatever the hell you want. Personally I love rocking a rainbow tutu!
The group outfits are honestly my favorite !!
Oh, who could I forget, the cast of Orange Is The New Black is there every year!!! I have been trying to "accidentally" run into them at a bar for the past two years.
Theres always at least 3 Just Married Couples and I don't know why (blame it on the Gin) but it makes me cry of happiness every time.
Pride welcomes all supporters!! And the best ones are the ones who represent the good side of religions! The supporters are almost as amazing as the marchers themselves.
And while Pride is amazing, there are serious points which highlight that the overwhelming love and support during Pride week doesn't happen every week in the year.
Well, you know where I'll be on Sunday! Rock your Rainbows and show love, support and killer costumes !
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There's a good chance I'll be working at this event.
Alway love this parade. There is one in Washington DC also
I love all the happiness and love blazing out of each one of these photos! Great card :)
@allischaaff if you liked this card check out the one i just posted !! clearly i am addicted to LOVEEE
@LizArnone Thank you! I'll go check it out right now :)