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Just when you think one fanwar ended, another one begins...
Yep. It's happening again!
9MUSES just released the teaser for "Hurt Locker," the title track of their summer comeback album, "9muses S/S Edition" today, June 23rd.
Looks like they're going for a colorful and flashy concept (like many other groups are this summer)!
In the 27 second video, we see all the members at a storage shipping center driving a cool car. Simple enough right?
Not for fans. Can never miss a chance of fanwar!
Many commenters have been comparing the style, vibe and beat of the song to SISTAR's Shake It MV that was released two days ago on June 21st.
Some fans are very excited for the 9MUSES comeback:
"This sounds and looks the best out of the summer comebacks this year."
"Best of luck... prove them underdogs are still alive :)"
"Sounds better than SISTAR already"
Others...not so much:
"That red truck looks extremely similar to SISTAR's pink police truck..wth man~~~#bestcomebackever #justiceforSISTAR"
"But the setting is very identical to my BIAS SISTAR!!! nine copycats are back!"
"They are totally copying SISTAR mv set. The colors and music are also identical."
All of this from just a 27 second video teaser...
Why can't all K-pop fans just get along? And enjoy the amazing summer of comebacks?
Let's be honest. I think that many K-pop songs sound alike if you aren't very into the group and know the subtle differences. These two groups are not the only ones alike if we start pointing fingers. And many MVs do have similar settings and styles and there's nothing wrong with that. Do you guys agree?
I, for one, look forward to 9MUSES MV release on July 2nd. ^_^
There's always a person if not several people who thinks their fandom and their idol must dominate the entire world. Don't say you've never seen them, I've been seeing them all around social medias questioning, claiming, ignoring and all the horrible things you could do to a person(s) work. It's hard to live in these days but that's how this generation is now.
Yeah I'm Sistar biased, but I love 9MUSES too!!! This sounds like its going to be awesome... still the "Fans" must have their wars... I just hope it doesn't go too far this time :/
Whaaatever. I feel like so many K-Pop group concepts overlap these days. The fans are being vicious for no reason.
This looks like a mix of Sistar's Shake It, KARA's Lupin, and EXID's Up and Down...
@MattK95 I hope so too! I wouldn't be surprised if they make more comparisons when the MV comes out >.>
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