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If you’re looking for a workout that prevents working out a sweat and keeps your hair intact, I’ve got a few exercise moves for you. It’s light, easy, and super dainty.
Sore muscles and hard breathing? Totally not in this card.

Purse Press

The purse in this picture is too big. I'd suggest something much smaller and lighter than the purse pictured above. You'll want something that's about 1 pound.
Alright ladies, you'll want to do one rep of these sweet things. Now you're ready for the mall.

Vegetable Lift

For this, you'll want to lift a fork full of vegetables into your mouth. If silverware is too heavy for your dainty wrists, I'd suggest using plasticware. Eat up, buttercup! You'll need that energy to make it to your car.

Ponytail Pump

Yikes! You might actually feel a burn for this one. For this one, you'll need to put your hair into a ponytail. This is super intense! I'd suggest taking breaks every five seconds. Goodness forbid that burn turns into bulk! We don't want that.
If possible, consult with a hairdresser. You'll prevent calorie-burn by having someone else do your hair.

Breathe, my prissy cupcakes! I know this was intense, but you did it! Congratulations. :)

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@alywoah Lol!!! I'll do a couple reps of cheeseburgers lifts with you ;D
@arios025 have you tried the purse-lifting exercise? :P lol
that's what feminist say
really? lol... @AliMJ