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I was tempted to make this allllll Jpop but then I remembered, I actually listen to a ton of other things? Who knew?
Also, I didn't add them but PLEASE tell me there are people here who are into Johnny's (NEWS, Hey Say Jump, Arashi, KAT-TUN, etc!!!!!!!)
Thanks as always EVERYONE for making these crazy challenges possible! especially @MattK95 and @jiggzy19 for this one!!!

Hit 5 - Hit

I still have no idea how I found out about these guys but I freaking LOVE them. I only know about 6 songs, but they are alllll my jam. I was so shocked to see them on other playlists!!! @SunnyV and @chandnip804!

An Cafe - 我侭行進曲

My first love was always Jpop and Jrock and An Cafe is the perfect mix of Jrock with the crazy beats and life of Jpop. They sing about ridiculous things like 'Super Rabbits' and are a huge part of the visual kei scene!

Ikimono Gakari - ホタルノヒカリ

I can't tell you how many times I watched this one specific performance. I looooove Ikimono Gakari so much and YOU NEED TO LOVE THEM TOO.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - もんだいガール

Kyary is INSANE and I love her so much. I'm sure she was on a ton of other lists but I needed to add her again cause I just can't get enough, ever.

Perfume - ワンルーム・ディスコ

Yes, I know this entire dance and yes I dance it every time I hear it - no matter where I am. Perfume are my queens and they can do no wrong in my eyes.

八十八顆芭樂籽 (88balaz) - Jimi&mary

I was an intern at a music company and we worked with Chinese and Taiwanese artists, and during my research I somehow stumbled upon this group. They're this crazy rockabilly punk Taiwanese group and they're sort of amazing.

拉卡‧飛琅 Laka - 瀘沽湖 Lugu Lake

Laka reminds me a lot of the Mexican rock group Mana which is totally weird cause he's singing in Taiwanese but go figure. It's really calming and is perfect study music!
I'm not hugely into J-Pop, but I really enjoy the Perfume songs I know! They're great. :)
\(^0^)/ Perfume are my queens too ^^ I love this list, you introduced me to some new stuff that was kind of amazing :D ^^
I love an cafe and kyary too! I really liked ikimono gakaris song and Lakas song too 😄
perfume one of my favourite songs
Great playlist! I really liked the Hit5 and Perfume songs ^^