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You can literally live vicariously through anyone just from the pictures and videos they post on the gram.

If you're not working diligently on your job or constantly reapplying your lipstick, you're more than likely scrolling down your repetitive Instagram feed -- it's become second nature. The majority of people follow their friends, a few family members and a handful of celebrities they secretly stalk -- I won't tell. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that you're not following some of the best beauty pages in the Instagram world. Yes, you've been missing out immensely, but you won't have to miss out any longer because I have you covered. You're probably at work right now scoping out your boss so she doesn't catch you on your phone, but in the meantime go ahead and follow these five amazing beauty gurus while you have the opportunity. No, they more than likely won't follow you back. On a positive note, their posts will literally change your life and your makeup. You can thank me later!
Follow @msroshposh: This amazing beauty and self-proclaimed makeup artist started from the bottom and now she's literally here. From YouTube videos to having over 300k followers on the gram. Her makeup definitely speaks for itself.
Follow @paolaballesteros29: This man is a genius -- literally! If you yet to see Paola's work, he transforms himself into celebrities and believe me when I say he does an amazing job. He is so much more than a makeup artist, he truly has an amazing eye for art and detail.
Follow @priscillaono: Not only is she Amber Rose best friend, but she is a makeup artist and you should know her. Her work is eclectic and colorful. Follow her Instagram page and you will not regret a thing. I mean, who can resist her beautiful aqua colored hair and flawless makeup?
Follow @sjblife: This man has worked with the best of the best. I mean anyone who works hands on with Beyonce deserves a follow, don't you agree?
I had to follow Priscilla ASAP because of this card. I'm sort of obsessed with that hair color AND those shades, so anyone who's got my taste also has my automatic vote. ;) Also omg, I remember someone else made a card about Paolo's transformations, but I never saw the Kris Jenner one. That's INCREDIBLE and terrifying at the same time. He looks JUST LIKE HER.
Priscilla is pretty amazing! I absolutely love everything about her. Especially her hair. I wish I was that bored. And yes, Paola is too talented on another level! The Kris Jenner transformation blew me away @danidee