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Lol. Just kidding --
The U.S. can't even think about competing with Latin America.
(If you disagree, prove that U.S. can kick Latin America's butt in the hot dog game!)
Hot dogs are pretty-damn-amazing in Latin America. Ketchup and mustard? BORING. Latin American hot dogs have mayo, onions, tomatoes, avocados, FRIED EGGS, and a buttload of ingredients that really leave you with a food-baby. If you're looking for hot dog ideas for Fourth of July, here's some to get you started!


This hot dog is massive and it's from Chile. There are different variations for the Completo -- here's one of them. For the traditional Completo, you have your hot dog, which is placed on a toasted roll, with sauerkraut and it's topped with mashed avocado, chopped tomatoes, and finished with a pile of mayo. There are a variety of hot dogs, one even has a fried egg on it -- it's called, "A lo pobre."
Where have you been all my life!?
Just look at that and tell me how freaking amazing that hot dog is! This big dog includes french fries and fresh chunks of pineapple. This hot dog is from Colombia.
I just can't even. *DROOLS*


French fries with a hot dog -- hold the bun, please! Bread is overrated, and fries are the bomb. So here you have it...a cup filled with the necessary carbs and protein, drenched in salsa rosada. You can find this in several South American countries.
I.Need.This.Right. NAOOWWW!

Cachorro Quente

It's a burger! A breakfast platter! No, it's a HUGE hot dog from Brazil. The hot dog can be topped with ground beef, corn, potatoes, eggs -- whatever your heart desires! This isn't a snack, you'll need to unbutton your eating pants for these!

Tia Juana

This hot dog was born on the streets of Guatemala, now a restaurant in San Francisco called Los Shucos is celebrating this delight! It's called Tia Juana and it's a hot dog wrapped in sizzling bacon, dressed with chunks of pineapple, and a line of guac hugs the hot dog. Holy dog!
Who should take credit for this?! U.S. or Guatemala?
Clearly I need to go there immediately @Goyo
Salchipapas are served in bags in Peru and Ecuador... And it heaven in a bag
I looooove hot dogs like the Tia Juana. They're really, really popular in Southern California, especially sold from carts outside of clubs so all the drunk people have access to their bacon-wrapped hot dogs smothered in sliced onions and bell peppers aka the BEST drunk people food in the world. This card makes me wish Vingle had Smell-O-Vision.
Are Tuscan And Phoenix known for their hotdogs? for a hotdog to have all those ingredients -- that sounds amazing! I haven't had a loaded hotdog, but I definitely want to try one. What's your favorite hotdog, @redridergirl?
if anyone lives in AZ and haven't tried sonoran hotdogs should try them. its a Mexican hotdog. so good!!
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