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Height differences are adorable everyone. I love the different textures the artist found for their hair. And their expressions! They're so similar to the original characters. Fanartists create genderswapped fanart for a multitude of reasons Sometimes it's curiosity ("what would they be like if..."), sometimes it's a means to envision themselves in the media they love when they don't feel like they have any representstion. Whatever the reason, I'm just glad they're sharing! Fanart by yskwww.
This trio by boxno is so cool! Sherlock's outfit is really similar to the BBC costume, but Moriarty is wearing a backless dress! It's probably still Westwood though. Judging from her expression, she's probably still up to no good, right? I'm also enamoured with the blood-red manicure you can see where she's holding the apple. Details like that are one of the cool things fanartists discover when they do projects like this. I love the contrast between Moroarty's sleek, red carpet - ready look in comparison to Holmes and Watson's casual appearances.
This series by Truffles The Mushroom features some of the side characters, but if you swipe left you can see some amazing drawings of Watson and Holmes as well. Donovan and Mycroft are cool to see, but I think Watson's expressions are what draws me to this artist. In the show, Martin Freeman is really expressive- isn't it cool to see how well that translated to these drawings?
Thr WWII femlock au by fornax is on here so I can rep one of my favorite Sherlock fics, No Bangs Without Foreign Office Approval. Fanartists who reimagine the characters so fully, while retaining so much of the original idea, are some of my favorite people. What would Sherlock Holmes be like in this period? Would she be a spy? A pilot? Clearly genderswapping is one of my favorite fandom tropes, and I'm glad the Sherlock fandom has delivered. I wonder what other aus would work with this?