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Who doesn't enjoy a nice swim up fully stocked bar? Well, pretty much everyone who isn't on vacation this summer. Thankfully, there are enough beaches to get sun kissed and totally smacked on closer to home!
However, beach drinking and day drinking are actually harder then they seem. Especially when combining them. So here are a few tips that will help you not only survive day drinking on the beach, but thrive!
1. Day drinking is a marathon, not a race.
Drinking all day on the beach is a long, lovely affair. This means you can not treat it like a pregame before going to that shitty college bar that you need to be black out at to enjoy.
What I am saying is No Shots! Yes, yes, you love shots so much and can drink a million of them a night. But they will not be your friend at 10am on a hot ass beach.
Getting too drunk too quickly will ruin all the fun and you will get sick.
2. The end goal is not to black out
If you go into drinking on the beach with the plan to black out then your time, and your friends time, is gonna suck. When your black out you can barley walk on the sand let alone swim in the ocean. Plus it will draw way to much unwanted attention. Drinking on the beach is suppose to be casual and fun. You will slowly but surly work yourself to a nice, fun, not embarrassing drunk.
3. Still drink some water
You wanna last the several hours you normal stay on the beach right? Well, drink some damn water in-between beers! Its not going to sober you up, it will just rehydrate you a bit since you'll be sweating out all the water in your body! Drinking on the beach can make you feel a little woozy if you aren't careful.
4. Pack Smart!
Bring two coolers with a lot of ice! The biggest one for drinks (obviously) because nothing is worse then running out of limaritas midway through the beach day. The other cooler make sure you back some good lunches! Drinking on an empty stomach is a terrible idea when you are just going to the frat party up the road. Day drinking on an empty stomach is worse.
Again, it's all about making sure you last the day and have a good time! So bring some munchies. You'll thank me later.
5. Bring a spiked watermelon!
There is really no reason you have to bring a spiked watermelon except for the fact that it will make you so happy! Watermelon is the fruit of the summer and it is so refreshing! Imagine enjoying a cool watermelon on a hot beach, fantastic. And it'll get your drunk. Win.
Also it's pretty sneaky for those pesky beach police.
6. Have a DD
Some people are lucky enough to be able to walk to the beach. Others (like me) have to drive. Don't be an asshole. Have a designated sober driver. The sun and the heat will make everyone tired, add in the alcohol and that a recipe for a car accident.
Also make sure you thank the DD! They are the unsung heroes of day drinking!
@jeff4122 omg yesssss!! like the one about the dog waiting for his owner to come home and he was sooooo sad but then he came home the next day cuz he didnt wanna drink and drive!!! ... its the dog ones that really get me lol
Trueeee on the DD part especially. love those Budweiser ads that celebrate the DD [i think it's Bud?]
i feel. and @LizArnone i think you nailed it with the way you talk about designating driving... "Don't be an asshole". it's as simple as that
@jeff4122 @LizArnone I'm not going to lie, I totally teared up when that one played at the Superbowl. Dog stuff always gets to me.
I love this card, especially the spiked watermelon part! I've only had a spiked watermelon once, but it was so so so good and this card reminded me that I should totally make another one soon!
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