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Follow @perrysant on Instagram. Do it. Now. I say this for your own good, because Perry Santanachote, Thrillist recipes editor, test kitchen maven, and self-declared #foodporn star will regale you with culinary creations straight out of food nirvana (or food hell, depending on who you ask). She's like a mad scientist who really, really likes bacon. Seriously, the frequency with which bacon appears in her feed is astounding. But also amazing. And makes me drool. The food she makes is out of this world, in that I've never seen anything like it! Is some of it too outlandish to be edible? Check her out and see for yourself.
All photos by the one and only @perrysant!
These are apple pie nachos. Try and wrap your head around that. Apple. Pie. Nachos. This girl is either an inspired genius or a crazy crazyface.
Oh, look. A bloody mary popsicle on a bacon-wrapped breadstick. Normal people food that I eat every day. Nothing extraordinary or life-changing to see here.
Cadbury scotch eggs. I can only imagine what biting into one of these is like: sheer celestial bliss.
"Hey Perry! Why don't you make a quesadilla, only instead of tortillas, you use bacon, and you fill it with a bunch of mac n' cheese! Oh, you've already done that? Cool."
Stuffing waffles oozing with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, munster cheese, and gravy? I would take this Thanksgiving grilled cheese over Thanksgiving dinner any day.
Here's where things start to get nuts. This is a Cinnabon sloppy joe. Two Cinnabons filled with MEAT. Is she crazy??
Spaghetti-O pizza?! Now that's some crazy I can get behind. Mmmm.
At least @perrysant is using her mad scientist powers for good. Here she's made a – are you ready? – Snickers milkshake served in a homemade Snickers and Twix cup. Sorry, every other dessert in the world; you're dead to me now.
Get ready, everybody, because this is for real: Mexican eggnog with CINNAMON SUGAR BACON FOR DIPPING. You heard me right.
And finally, the craziest edible thing I have ever seen in all my 24 years on this planet: Skittles Wings. I just can't imagine chicken wings glazed with melted skittles being any good!! On what occasion would you even eat these???
Now that I've convinced you, head on over to @perrysant's Instagram and give her a follow. She may be crazy, but she's nothing if not an artist. Can she top Skittle-glazed chicken? Or the Cinnabon sloppy joe? Only time will tell, and I for one am very excited to see what it brings.
I want to be into these so badly but they're just too weird for me!
followingggggggg now! these pictures are UNREAL and i can get behind almost all of them....except many the skittle wings blah
@Gavriella on some I definitely agree with you! Cinnabons and meat – YUCK. But Spaghetti-O pizza can't be that bad!! :)