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Rachel Dolezal's story went viral a few weeks ago and it has appropriately been met with criticism and outrage. But now it's time to add a little humor. After some of the more intense backlash settled, Maya Rudolph brought the story back into the spotlight with a more comedic response.
The wig + the facial expression + the confused response makes it a perfect impression. I'm glad the more serious reactions happened first, but this comedic approach is a great way to point out the ridiculousness of this entire situation.
I only wish Maya Rudolph was still on SNL to bring this character to life in a full sketch.
The first time I saw Rachel Dolezal, I was like "Huh. She kind of looks like she's doing a Maya Rudolph impression." Guess Maya thought so too lol
I'll be really surprised if they don't get her back for a special cameo after this interview gets really viral.
@danidee she really does look like her. I so wish she was on SNL right now, I can only imagine how awesome an entire sketch of that impression would be.
I saw the video this morning. This is hilarious.
That's amazing @danidee! You called it XD And @laurafisher, oh. my. god. When Maya Rudolph points at the hair... I lost it