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This could be the best homemade costume. EVER.

Julian Checkley is not just your ordinary guy, he creates insanely impressive and amazing costumes of his favorite super heroes and villains! Personally, It's not surprise that this guy works in special effects. I'm not sure what company he's working for but if he's not working for Hollywood yet, they need to pick him up. LOOK AT THIS COSTUME!!!
Apparently, Checkley started making his first homemade costume at the age of seven! That's insane! He was aiming to create a convincing Darth Vader costume. But now he's much older and he created this amazing Batman costume!
Checkley is 6'6 tall and he was inspired to create the Dark Knight's costume from video game 'Arkham Origins'. Its well equipped with a gauntlet that shoots actual fireballs and a wrist computer. Well done, sir.

This is no ordinary hobby.

Obviously no superhero can go into the city without being well equipped with weapons like a a folding batarang. He also makes sure that he's in shape to mirror his favorite characters. All of his costumes are 3-D printed which means he's spending thousands of dollars.
“Every piece of the costume is sculpted, fabricated, painted and weathered as accurately as possible,” Checkley told authors Luke Plunkett and Brian Ashcraft for their book ‘Cosplay World’. “These costumes don’t just have to look good, but also perform well and be resilient when I put the suit on.” - Excerpt from online article on Yahoo : UK Movies Group
Why do superhero have to have all the fun? Checkley was also Batman's enemy Bane in 2014 from popular movie, 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
He also loves Star Wars so it's a no brainer that he thought it'd be fun to dress up as Darth Malagus who is a Sith character from the Expanded Universe. I'd say he likes villains more than heroes but that's just what I think.
I'm impressed. But could you imagine putting the effort into these costumes!?
I have no idea @vulpix but he figured it out somehow!!
THESE ARE SO COOL. I love his attention to detail. It can take hours to render a design for 3D printing so I'm really impressed. I always think these movies are too unbelievable and then I seen fans doing stuff like this.