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1. Vista
2. Wicked (feat. Tiger JK)
3. Sea of Moonlight (FIESTAR version)


Where do I start XD this is a pretty solid debut track, their vocals are awesome, Yezi's rapping is perfect,so is Cheska's. I loved this song the first time I heard it, and I still love it XD

FIESTAR - Wicked

Tiger JK is awesome! and his verse in this song is so good, but I actually prefer Yezi's rap verse XD Maybe I'm just biased... oh well lol
anyway I adore this song, the first time I heard it I was totally hooked, and I bought it immediately! It is just so darn catchy :D

FIESTAR - Sea of Moonlight (FIESTAR version)

Okay I do love this song, but I'm gonna be honest, I do prefer the version with IU which is why I'm including that below ^^ Regardless this song has such a fun and happy feel to it! and that 80's influence is so nostalgic lol I love it ^^

IU - Sea of Moonlight (feat. FIESTAR)

So after watching this you can see why they did a version with just FIESTAR, IU does sort of stand out way more in the song, which of the two do you prefer?
So that's my definitely biased review of FIESTAR's first single album ^^
Credit to the owners of these Music Videos ^^
You can find more info on FIESTAR >>here<<
Omg. The track with Tiger JK is so rad. I love when a collaboration lives up to the expectations I have for it.
They are so prettyyyy! And I like the last song a lot! :)
I prefer the version with IU! I know I'm wicked dada boom boom boom.... It's stuck in my head ^^
@danidee Yes! it's so annoying when you get all hyped for a collab, and it turns out mediocre :/