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Hi guys,

Week 2 of the best lead battle is here! As I mentioned in the
, I just recently joined the K-Dramas community and I absolutely love it! I'm so excited to be able to share my excitement about dramas and stars on here. ^_^

"Who is the better lead?" is a card where we can vote on 2 K-Drama leads and talk about why we picked the winner (our favorite). I would love to know which dramas you guys have watched and who your favorite K-Drama actors and actresses are!

For this second week, I'm going to have to vote for So Ji Sub. Here are my (very biased) reasons as to why:

1. Both Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub are usually very handsome and classy, but So Ji Sub pulls of "adorable" much better!
2. They both pull of the serious characters really well, but So Ji Sub is the Master of sass!
3. He looks amazing with glasses. Jo In Sung wasn't quite up to par with glasses in It's Okay, That's Love.
4. He used to train to be a competitive swimmer and he's also a rapper! Don't think Jo In Sung can beat that.
5. His movie "Always" is one of the best romance movies ever and it will hit you right in the feels!
Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub are both great actors, but I think So Ji Sub definitely wins this one!

Let us know who the better lead is and what other leads you'd like to see in next week's card! ^_^
@StephanieDuong @christy @chandnip804 @MayraGrijalva What's your guys' verdict? ^_^

@chandnip804 Let me know how it goes! :D
@poojas, I'll look it up! :)
@chandnip804 You totally need to watch it! It's on Dramafever I think...it's so good!!!
@poojas, I have not. It's the first time I heard about it.
So Ji sub takes the win for me. Rapping and competitive swimming is really cool.
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