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Meet Alexa -- part-wireless speaker, part smart-home gadget. She reads you the news, checks weather for you, plays music from your phone, and even changes the lights in your home. She’s pretty much the perfect companion for your home, and she was just released by Amazon to purchase.
Cheesy family scenarios aside, this device is rad. Instead of having to press a button for the device to listens all the time. And people are talking about it, even related it to some weird sci-fi technology (think Star Trek).
She’s honestly like Siri but more for what you would want at home. Sometimes I feel like a carry my Phone around making lists, and playing music. This hands-free device takes away that issue. You don’t have to do anything besides talk.
The only thing that weirds me out about this device (which is actually the coolest feature) is talking to the device and having it listening all the time. Though Amazon is selling this device as “part of the family” to me that just sounds wrong.
Maybe I am a bit skeptical because I haven’ tested it yet, but I really think saying “Goodbye” to a device is a little excessive. Will people use this device as it is meant to be used: a tool. Or will attachment set in? Not to spiral into an overgeneralization, but I really want to know what this device will mean for society. Will we become attached to tools like this?
After watching this product I couldn't help but think of all of the films that speculated about this kind of device. Anyone else think of the classic Disney movie “Smart House” when the saw the product in action? Now if Alexa can make me a smoothie...I would buy this product in a heartbeat.
I think I need this
It’s only 180 @VinMcCarthy! So that’s pretty reasonable, I think. you think it’s worth it for a creepy voice that always listens?
@nicolejb well I need to look at the price, plus having a robot listen to me all the time might be a little weird.... for it.
Hahaha think? what’s the hesitation there @VinMcCarthy? ;)