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Hey, he's called 'Honest Abe' for a reason.
@esha Me too! What's your favorite type of history to study?
@esha I love learning about the Mughals too! I went to school for art history, so I got to learn a lot about Akbar and how much he loved art and architecture and supported all these beautiful and incredible projects. It was really cool to learn about!
@esha Is your family from around there? I love learning about South Asian history, especially since here in America, we don't really learn a lot about it in middle school or high school, so once I saw the opportunity to take those classes in college, I made sure to sign up! :)
@esha My family is originally from the Middle East too! :) My family isn't Muslim, but I have lots and lots of Muslim friends. And they're ALLLLLL sending me pics of their iftar meal every night.