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Last-minute tickets to a con. An impromptu photoshoot on a pretty day. Something always comes up. Maybe your go-to costume is in need of repair or a dry-clean. Whatever's going on, you really, REALLY need to dress up as someone, and you don't have a costume handy. Wanda Maximoff is traditionally depicted as a cape-wearing, spandex-rocking hero, but in Age of Ultron she had a way more casual look. So grab your black eyeliner and think back to your gothy days, because this costume can be done with whatever clothes you have on hand.

Black Skater Dress

Wanda is wearing a few different pieces, but a skater dress would be give you the same effect, and give you the same silhouette. Plus, they've been in fashion for months, so you probably have one (or something similar) on hand. 1. Missguided 2. Woakao 3. PinkBoutique

Red Blazer

Wanda's jacket is a little tough to replicate. It looks made of leather, and while we're likely supposed to believe it came from a thrift sjop, most cosplayers won't be that lucky. It would probably need to be handcrafted to get a perfect match. To get a similar style, go with a blazer. Bright colors have been really popular lately, so a red blazer shouldn't be too hard to find. 1. Forever21 2. Sammydress If you don't want to shop...

Sweater+Blazer Combo

A red sweater underneath a black blazer will be evocative of the original design without being a direct copy. 1. Luulla 2. Topshop 3. ASOS The last sweater option is a sweaterdress, so if you want to try that look instead you can skip the black skater dress idea and use that instead. I figure most people have at least one black blazer, it's a go-to layering item. For Wanda, pick one that has three quarter sleeves, or sleeves that can be rolled up. 4. Macy's 5. Free People


The little details with her jewelry were a great addition to Wanda's costume in the movie. If you gave a pair of tights with a huge run in them you haven't given up on yet (am I the only tight-hoarder here?), this costume would be a great way to incorperate them. If not, some dark knee high socks should do. Paired with some combat boots of course! 1. Betsey Johnson 2. Urban Outfitters 3. Timberland Finally, go through your jewelry box, find a few subtle, feminine pieces to complete Wanda's look. You can find rings and necklaces for cheap at H&M and Forever21 if you don't already have similar ones.

Don't forget to take *lots* of selfies!

@shannonl5 It's like, I WANT to plan in advance, but I'm incapable. Sigh.
Closet cosplays are the best...esp for people like me who don't like planning cosplays in advance as much as I WANT to see if I can make something more awesome
@vulpix Yeah I'm the worst about planning in advance! I like doing these because they're easy and cheap. Plus it's a good excuse to wear something that's been in the back of the closet for a while!
@shannonl5 Looking forward to them! ^^
Thanks @poojas I might try to do a couple of these! Closet cosplays are a lot of fun :)
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