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What's a "Brothers Movie", you ask? It's a movie that has brothers in it and you also watch that movie in the theater with your brother, duh.
Legend is about the Kray twins -- two of the most notorious gangsters in London's history -- and Tom Hardy plays both of them. I'm excited to see Hardy perform two different roles at the same time but part of me is worried that it might look cheesy when they're both on the screen at the same time.
But most of my excitement comes from the want/need to see this with my own brother.
After my brother had come back from the Air Force we didn't really connect on too many things. But something that we did love, was watching movies that had brothers in them. For as long as I could remember we'd call them "Brothers Movies" and if we could, we'd see them together.
One of the things we do while we watch the movie is try and guess which on-screen brother we would be. It's particularly hard to do this in theaters, though, it involves a lot of talking and sometimes some yelling. Part of my excitement comes from the heated debate that my brother and I will have after we leave the movie theater.
I can't really remember the last Brothers Movie we watched together but I'm anticipating the day this comes out so we have another reason to hang out all day.
Legend will be in theaters September 11, 2015