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1. We Don't Stop
2. Sweet Love (Feat. Kim Yeon Woo)

FIESTAR - We Don't Stop

Where to begin?... This whole song, and MV is perfection in my opinion... I mean just listen to this, Hyemi's voice in that bridge, is so epic! and Yezi's rap is just... incredible! Yezi is one of my favorite rappers, she is so awesome! I even love the fashion in this XD

FIESTAR - Sweet Love (Feat. Kim Yeon Woo)

For some reason the very opening to this song, makes me think of Marilyn Monroe XD, still this song is so...sweet lol, it really does show that they are more than just an average pop group. It might sound strange, but this is like the perfect frozen daiquiri song XD
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I like both the songs. And the MV in the first one is definitely very cool! Outfits on point! ^^
I pretty much love everything by FIESTAR!!!!! Yezi is DAE to the BAK..... O.O